“This book helped us learn more about people who have autism or friends with different needs.  Our favourite part was when they became friends in the book. We also enjoyed thinking more about how we are wired differently, that was pretty cool!”
Crystal Creek Public School, NSW

“Fergus and Delilah was used earlier in the year and the kids loved it!!
Thank you so much for giving our school a copy of the book and for the teaching ideas to go with it. As I have a little autistic girl in my class, the kids could really relate to the characters and it was great to use in my lessons.”
Broadwater Public School


“Wren made us read it back to back 3 times when we showed it to her. It is a hit, what a great book and an important topic :)
Vancouver, Canada

“We received the lovely Fergus and Delilah in the mail. The kids loved it (especially Clara) and, in fact, she requested it the next three nights in a row as well. It is a really nice opportunity on how to talk about and approach difference from a kids perspective.”
Ontario, Canada


“Read it again!”
Kids everywhere.

“But why can’t he talk?… But can he hear us?”

“Why is he in that chair?”

Ainsley: “So if he (referring to the boy in the wheelchair) came to our house he could walk inside the house?”
Parent: “No, he would stay in his wheelchair.”
Ainsley: “So can he play?”
Parent: “Yes, we may just need to play a bit differently.”


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