Hugo is finally included at school

Hugo started school this year with only 3hrs a day of Learning Support Officer time; a one on one aid; to provide the adjusted learning curriculum that he needed and supervision that was required in the playground. It wasn’t acceptable. He wasn’t able to access what a typical child could. Despite praise from outside professionals

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Not a normal baby; my dark road of Autism

In the earlier years of Hugo’s existence, the pain and aguish his little face portrayed robbed me of my sleep and my happiness; his non-stop crying throughout the day and the night, the continuous sickness without avail. Then death’s door knocked at 6 months old, hospitalised with pneumonia. And on it went. Week after week. A

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What a great day the kids had! And what a perfect book launch we had! The Farm Byron Bay lent us their “stables” complete with hay bales and picnic tables. We brought along the world’s largest bubble making clown, efficient face painters (not the wait inline for 40 minutes while one kid get his entire [...] Continue reading »


Six months ago I met Misa and we decided we were going to create a picture book that would change the way children see disabilities.  I would be the author and Misa the illustrator, simple! Little did we know that writing a picture book with a social message attached to it, is very different to [...] Continue reading »


Misa and I had the pleasure of being able to attend Shaping Outcomes Byron Bay’s launch party for a wonderful Inclusion Resource for Preschool centres.  It was great to see how another organisation is approaching inclusion and also how excited and willing professional educators are to start tackling such a major problem affecting our children.

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