Character development is not as simple as it appears. Every feature on our delightful Fergus and Delilah characters we have toiled over, drawn and redrawn, analyzed and discussed with friends, family and coworkers, or anyone who was willing to listen.

Our biggest dilemma by far was the bodies versus no bodies debate and while we have currently rested on bodies the matter is always in question. After interviewing 2 classrooms of year 1 students, one preschool, two kindergarten teachers, three classrooms of students with additional needs and every other teacher, child and parent we came across the arguments are as follows:


• Easier for kids to relate to.

• Most kids say they just like them better.

• Reaches a larger audience, including older kids, adults and teachers.

• Will allow for more expression and mobility when drawing.

• They can have cute outfits.

No bodies

• Reflective of children’s initial drawings (Young children start by drawing people without bodies before progressing to bodies. Check out this interesting article about the Draw a Person Test).

• Whimsical and quirky looking.

• More simplistic.

• Focus is more on their wires instead of their characteristics.

Which one do you like best, what do your kids like? Leave a comment, send us an email or write to us on twitter @fergus_delilah.