Yes there are other children’s books available that discuss varying issues about disabilities, but do you know of any “best sellers?”  We have done a great deal of research and reading into why picture books that strive to inform the reader about disabilities are not becoming popular amongst the mainstream. Our book will be unique because we have developed a process that will overcome the obstacles that have prevented success in the past.

Firstly, many of the children’s books that are already available are so focused on providing ‘textbook’ like information on a disability that the story itself is not interesting. As a result, only families who have a direct interest in that disability are willing to read it. Our book is going to focus on having an interesting story line so all children (and adults) are excited to read the book over and over again. Once we have captured our audience we will skillfully hide our message of inclusion and compassion amongst the adventures and laughs. In order to create social change our book needs to reach a wide audience therefore making this book a best seller is paramount.

Secondly, we are writing about an issue that is close to our hearts so each page will be reflective of the love and dedication that we have. However, some authors seem to get lost in their own experiences and as a result their book tells a story only they can understand. To ensure our final product will appeal to the masses and will achieve the social change we strive for we have organized a number of community brainstorming sessions. During these sessions people will be able to critically analyse different stages of our book and guide the book on the path that will help and interest everyone. Also comments on our blog will help guide us in our decision making. (Did you have your say in our blog article Bodies or No Bodies?)

Thirdly, we are reversing the typical process of first writing the book than trying to market and sell it afterwards. The awareness and support this crowdfunding campaign will generate will show us how ready the Australian community is to teach their children how to be inclusive. The campaign will generate interest and excitement so when our book is launched we will already have a wide community of people ready to embrace it.

So please ask us questions, tell us what you think, because your involvement will help make this book a success!